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Regional at Southmead Hospital

3-12 months long fellowships
Post-FRCA / post CCT
Can be combined with other advanced modules

Southmead is a large, dynamic and friendly anaesthetic department that provides advanced regional anaesthesia training.
We provide approximately 4000 single-shot blocks/year and have growing catheter and awake ambulatory services. 
Training is delivered by a team of thirteen consultants with an interest in regional anaesthesia and fellows will contribute to the "Daily Blocks Anaesthetist" rota. 
Fellows will also manage the "After-School Block Club" and contribute to our local courses. Involvement in clinical governance/quality improvement work is mandatory and attendance at local, national and international meetings is encouraged to present their work. 
We support those wishing to acquire the EDRA or MSc as well as brief secondments to other centres to observe innovative practice elsewhere. In addition to daytime scheduled training lists, fellows can expect significant exposure to regional anaesthesia as part of their general on call commitment to all surgical subspecialties on site. 


Contact: Dr Anthony Carey (Consultant Anaesthetist and Lead for Regional Anaesthesia)