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Airway at Stanford

12 month post
1 -2 posts available per year


Teaching programme has been in place since 1998.
Highly structured fellowship combining clinical, didactic, simulation and research.
The head and neck anaesthesia division runs 3-6 operating rooms every day.  Wide range of surgery including head and neck cancers, laryngeal surgery, OSA surgery, neurotologic and skull base surgery, endoscopic sinus and pituitary surgery, facial plastic surgery and maxillofacial and orthognactic surgery.  Fellow will have the opportunity to learn the anaesthetic management of these cases both interms of pharacological options and airway management.

Training can be arranged to include experience in the paediatric population and helicopter experience as part of the Stanford Life Flight programme.


Contact: Vladimir Nekhendzy
email: nek@stanford.edu

Further information: http://med.stanford.edu/anesthesia/education/clinical_fellowship.html#ENThttp://med.stanford.edu/anesthesia/education/clinical_fellowship.html#ENT