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Airway at Toronto General Hospital, Canada

12 month post
1 position available


Department performs around 100 major head and neck procedures, 50 laryngectomies/pharyngectomies, several tracheal resections, retrosternal thyroidectomies, laser airway surgery, panendoscopies, awake tracheostomies, neck dissections and major reconstructions each year.

Fellow will develop expertise in airway evaluation and management.  Will progress to role assisting in departmental teaching of difficult airway management.
Will learn to use a variety of devices including igel, AirQ, LMA supreme, LAM proseal, ILMA, LMA classic, LAM unique, GlideScope, McGrath, EVO, Bullard, WuScope, Shikani, Levitan FPS and Airtraq.
Will participate in head and neck outpatients clinic assessing airways and learning endoscopic techniques.

Fellow expected to join existing reaseach or initiate own project as well as partaking in weekly education sessions.  One day a week is allocated to research time.


Send CV and letter of intent to Dr Coimbatore Srinivas

Email: coimbatore.srinivas@uhn.ca         Address: Dr Coimbatore Srinivas
                                                                            Director, Fellowship Program
                                                                            Toronto General Hospital
                                                                            200 Elizabeth Street, EN3-438
                                                                            Toronto, ON Canada M5G 2C4

Further information: http://www.anesthesia.utoronto.ca/edu/fellowship/offered/Advanced_Airway_Management.htm