Obstetrics at Cambridge

6 or 12 month post


Based in the Rosie Hospital - a purpose built women's hospital next to Addenbrooke's.
A regional centre of excellence with around 5800 deliveries per annum.

The aim of this position is to help the appointed individual to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide analgesia and anaesthesia to parturients safely, efficiently and to a high standard. This includes being able to care for pregnant women with a wide variety of complex medical disorders. The training is delivered in a centre which is able to provide dedicated care to high-risk parturients and to women having a wide variety of complex elective and emergency obstetric procedures. Supporting professional activities including audit, research, teaching and management should also be undertaken for successful completion of the fellowship.

The main delivery unit is located on level 3 within the original building. It has a birthing pool, ten delivery rooms and four clinical rooms which are used for parturients with known medical and/ or obstetric risk factors that may complicate labour and delivery. The theatre area consists of one anaesthetic room with an adjoining theatre on either side (i.e. two theatres are available exclusively for obstetric use). There is an 8-bedded obstetric observation unit and recovery area. A dedicated ultrasound machine is available to aid epidural insertion, central access and difficult peripheral venous or arterial access. Ten consultant anaesthetists, all with a special interest in obstetric anaesthesia, provide cover to the delivery unit and elective obstetric operating lists. A consultant-led service is thus ensured during the working week.  There are six elective operating lists each week and a 24-hour labour epidural analgesia service. In addition there are six antenatal anaesthetic assessment clinics plus one multidisciplinary cardiac clinic each month. Out of hours cover to the unit is provided by a resident trainee anaesthetist and an on call obstetric consultant anaesthestist.

Learning outcomes

Gain mastery in the delivery of safe and effective perioperative anaesthetic care to obstetric patients with a

   wide variety of complex medical problems

Gain mastery in the management of a busy labour ward with elective and emergency obstetric theatre

   sessions, and in doing so demonstrating the necessary multi-disciplinary leadership, communication and

   team-working skills necessary to ensure the care delivered benefits both the patient and the organization

Gain maturity in understanding the importance of utilizing the time allocated to clinical sessions effectively,

   optimising throughput whilst not compromising patient safety

Gain the necessary maturity to guide the choice of audit cycles in developing practice
Become familiar with recent developments in perioperative anaesthetic care to this area of practice, to

   evaluate these developments and to advise colleagues of useful changes in practice



Core clinical learning outcomes

To be capable of undertaking the perioperative anaesthetic care for a wide variety of complex cases and list management independently; this implies an ability to:

Provide perioperative anaesthetic care for a wide- range of obstetric cases performed both in the labour ward

  and theatre, demonstrating a fundamental understanding of the problems encountered

Show the decision making and organizational skills required of an anaesthetist to manage busy labour ward

   and operating sessions, ensuring that the care delivered is safe and timely, benefiting both patients and the


To assist colleagues in decisions about the suitability of surgery in difficult situations
Provide teaching to less experienced colleagues of all members of the multi-disciplinary team


Enquiries should be directed to   Dr Janet Pickett (janet.pickett@addenbrookes.nhs.uk)

                                                    or Dr Tamsin Poole (tamsin.poole@addenbrookes.nhs.uk),

                                                    telephone number 01223217434