Obstetrics at Rotunda Hospital, Dublin

12 month post (negotiable)


Fellow will provide anaesthetic management for high risk obstetric cases,
Availability for experience in advanced techniques including ultrasound for neuraxial anaesthesia and transthoracic echocardiography.
Involvement in cardiac pre-assessment clinical as well as general pre-assessment clinic

Involvement expected in at least one research project, leading to presentation at national and international meetings and publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Didactic teaching provided through 3 lectures per week and should be supplemented with conferences and self-learning.
Fellow will be expected to be involved in planning and production of local conferenes, workshops, journal clubs and mortality & morbidity meetings.

National centre for cardiac disease in pregnancy


Contact: Dr Conan McCaul
Telephone: 018171794
Email: cmccaul@rotunda.ie

Further information: www.oaa-anaes.ac.uk/assets/_managed/editor/File/Trainees/fellowships/fellowship%20rotunda%20-3_2014.pdf