Trauma / Orthopaedics at Royal Perth Hospital, Australia

6 month post


450 bed hospital.  Trauma Centre serving Western Australia
40 hours a week clinical time plus 10 hours a week protected educational time.
50% of clinical time will be assigned to trauma heavy lists, eg emergencies, ortho trauma, vascular, plastics trauma and general surgical trauma.
Thursdays will be spent alternately in the emergency department and with the St John's Ambulance Service
Fellow will work a mix of days, nights and weekends on the senior registrar rota. 

Over the fellowship will learn to conduct primary and secondary survey, trauma severity scoring, IV, IO and arterial access, act as lead practitioner in ED, manage coagulopathies and volume replacement, facilitate transport of critically injured patients, learn regional block techniques, manage patients in radiology suite, manage facial, head and c-spine injuries, interpret C-spine xray, learn indications for DLT and insertion of ICC, understand damage control resuscitation, learn to FAST scan and competently manage post operative pain.

Fellow will be expected to attend weekly orthopaedic trauma rounds and monthly M&M meetings.
There is encouragement to produce one publishable manuscript during placement and present teaching topics at both registrar and departmental weekly meetings.


Contact: Dr Christine Grobler

Further information: