Perioperative Medicine Fellowship at Duke

The fellowship curriculum will consist of several different components:

  1. Clinical Training – fellows will work one to two days per week in the operating room as faculty fellows. Clinical practice will include supervising residents and CRNAs, and will predominately involve anesthesia for high-risk noncardiac surgery.
  2. MSc in Perioperative Medicine – see UCL Perioperative Medicine
  3. Perioperative Research – fellows will assume a supervised personal research project, which will also form the basis of their MSc dissertation.
  4. Clinical and Managerial Rotations – fellows will complete monthly core and elective rotations in different aspects of perioperative medicine.
Fellows will also attend weekly fellowship lectures, Grand Rounds lectures, and Duke Perioperative Enhancement Team (POET) weekly meetings.


Contact Dr T Miller, Clinical Director, Abdominal Transplant Anesthesiology. Email: