1) University College London Hospitals Perioperative Medicine Fellowship

Options to complete a MSc, PG diploma or masters
Course duration 1-5 years
Flexible distance learning

  • Module 1: The Landscape of Perioperative Medicine    
  • Module 2: Towards a New Model in Perioperative Care
  • Module 3: Data and Statistics in Perioperative Care        
  • Module 4: Quality, Safety and Leadership in Perioperative Care
  • Module 5: The Evolving Paradigm in Perioperative cardiac disease          
  • Module 6: Elderly Medicine   
  • Module 7: Perioperative Pain and Cancer Disease           
  • Module 8: Special Topics in Perioperative Care  
  • Module 9: Dissertation/Research Project

  • In each module students study a different topic in their own time by looking at the on-line lecture, reading the written material and visiting other online resources as directed. The successful completion of certificate, diploma and dissertation will lead to the award of MSc. Each module will be examined by a short essay question (1200 words). A portion of the marks will be awarded for student contribution to course blogs, case reviews and other interactive activity.

    Contact Dr David Walker: Course Lead Tutor periopmed@ucl.ac.uk


    2) Trainee Module in Perioperative Medicine

    UCL have developed an optional 3 week higher training module in Preoperative Medicine.

    This includes:

  • attending surgical clinics to understand the barriers to prehabilitation
  • CPET and clinics
  • preassessment
  • visiting cardiac and respiratory medicine clinics with the aim of finding out how they contribute to preoperative optimisation of co-morbidities
  • major case anaesthesia for selected lower GI lists
  • targeted postoperative ward rounds with a care of the elderly physician. 
  • knowledge of the key studies in perioperative medicine
  • an introduction to statistics
  • using clinical trials in perioperative medicine  to illustrate points
  • For more information contact Abigail Whiteman (abigail.whiteman@doctors.org.uk)


    3) Duke Perioperative Medicine Fellowship

    2 fellows

    In collaboration with Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina

    - enrolment onto UCL's master program to earn a postgraduate degree in one year.
    - 2-4 week exchange program with Duke